“To provide the highest performance on Safety, Quality and Commitment and maintain integrity and fairness in dealing with our Client, Vendors and Employees."


“The Contractor of Choice in Construction and Plant Maintenance.”

Core Values


We will conduct our business in the highest level of integrity that is consistent in the pursuit of ethics in thoughts, words and actions.

Passion for Excellence

We are committed to continuously improve and make innovations in our systems in the way we do our work. Quality shall be our utmost concern to consistently doing things right, according to standards and striving to exceed our clients' expectations.

Safety and Environmental Concern

Our Company respects and upholds protection of human lives, property and the environment.


We shall be a company with empowered and highly motivated workforce in order to attain our vision and the challenges ahead.

Fairness to Stakeholders

We uphold to provide the best interests of our clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the Community we belong.

Strong Personal Commitment to Company

It is going the extra mile to delight and achieve organizational results. It is he "I am ARCC" mindset that makes us greatly aware that whatever we think, say and do reflect on the Company and affects the community we serve.


ARCC adopts a working environment that values teamwork and puts high important to working and supporting each other towards the attainment of a common goal.