Safety is a Value, More than Priority

Safety Supersedes Urgency

Certificate of Appreciation 2020

Safe work execution of three (3) pressure vessels in Uthmaniyah GOSP 8 at South Ghawar Project

Plaque of Appreciation 2017

In recognition of dedication and valuable contribution for the 1 Million Safe Man-hours dated on 18 January 2017 at SAFCO IV RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT.

Plaque of Recognition 2015

For contributing Six Million Eight Hundred Ninety Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Two (6,890,962) Manhours Without Lost Time Injury, attaining 93.12% in PSI and 99.7% in PQI as of February 21, 2015 at Port Facilities Project - Site Development & Logistics (SDL) Department SADARA Chemical Company.

Safety Recognition Award 2013-2015

For contributing to the achievement of 25 Million Man Hours Without Lost Time Incident from January 2013 to Novement 2015 in Independent Water Steam & Power Project at Rabigh Phase II.

Safety Recognition Award 2014

Safety Recognition 2012

20 Million safe Man-hours without A Lost Time Accident

Safety Recognition 2011

5 Million safe Man-hours without A Lost Time Accident

Saudi Polymers LLC Safety Recognition

17 Million safe Man-hours without A Lost Time Accident

Quality recognition is our commitment

ARCC strives to achieve high quality works at all times

Yanbu National Petrochemical Company

Furnance Eight Rehabilitation Project Recognition

Riyadh Refinery Management Recognition

In recognition of exhibited patriotism and remarkable response during 2021 Riyadh Refinery Restoration

Riyadh Refinery Restoration Works Project Certificate of Recognition

In successful completion of BI-24-21000 "Riyadh Refinery Restoration Works Project"

Certificate of Quality Excellence

In recognition for achieving 2.28% Project Overall Weld Repair Rate (equivalent to 97.72% Weld Acceptance Rate) during the execution of SAUDI ARAMCO - Riyadh Refinery Restoration Works Project at Riyadh Refinery (BI-24-21000)

Plaque of Partnership 2016

A member of Samsung Engineering Partnership.

Plaque of Appreciation 2016

For the Outstanding performance and contribution during Commissioning & Start-up of the SADARA Port Operations.

Recognition Award 2015

Excellent achievement for completing TGCU Project with excellent Safety Performance, Highest Quality and On Schedule.